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This page provides access to the MateRx computer program for prescribing mates in a pedigreed population.

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To run MateRx, you also need to have in the folder with MateRx, or in a folder in your path, the memory management program DOS4GW. To download DOS4GW click on

MateRx was developed by:

MateRx is designed and developed to be a genetic tool that will guide population management decisions. For every male/female pair in the population, MateRx calculates a single numeric index indicating the relative genetic benefit or detriment to the population of breeding that particular pair. This index, the mate suitability index (or MSI), is calculated from considering the pairs' mean kinship values, the difference in the male and females mean kinship, the inbreeding coefficient of the offspring produced, and the amount of unknown ancestry in the pair. MateRx is designed to simplify the decisions about which pairs should be bred by condensing all that we know about the genetics of a pair into a single number.

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