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Note: PM2000 has been replaced by PMx software. PMx has a number of features not included in PM2000. Consequently, PM2000 is no longer being supported, although this site is being left active for anyone who still wants to access PM2000.

To obtain PMx, go to

This site provides access to the PM2000 software for analysis and management of pedigreed populations.

PM2000 is most easily used as an accessory program to the SPARKS software for studbook management. SPARKS has been developed by ISIS (International Species Information System). PM2000 can also be used as a stand-alone program for population management, if the demographic and genetic data are first prepared in a specific format.

PM2000 was developed by:

Development of PM2000 was supported by:

The concepts and design of PM2000 benefitted immensely from input by the AZA Small Population Management Advisory Group, the International Species Information System, and colleagues in zoos and conservation organizations around the world.

PM2000 is copyrighted, but is distributed without cost for the purpose of furthering conservation and research. Individuals, not-for-profit organizations, and all members of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association are hereby given licenses for using PM2000 in research, teaching, animal management, and conservation.

Distribution of PM2000 is restricted to:

To download the latest version (v1.213, dated 20 January 2007) of pm2000 go to (file size about 12 MB)

The PM2000 manual is available as a Word doc at (file size about 4.5 MB).

Note to Japanese users (and for any others having trouble running the program):
The version of PM2000 with a full Help system does not load on computers running Windows with Japanese MS Windows. A version of PM2000 with a smaller Help file will run on Japanese computers. It can be downloaded from (file size about 12 MB). Install this version and try using it if you are getting an error message when PM2000 first starts up.

To download a teaching version of pm2000, go to (zip file size, about 8.3 MB) or (self-extracting file, size about 8.3 MB).

To download the latest upgrade of Sparks go to The current version is 1.62, release date 15 January 2012.

Redistribution of PM2000, in whole or in part, by any for-profit organization or for any profit-making purposes, is expressly forbidden.

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